“It’s a sad fact but in  this business you have to eat and share chocolate every day!” - J Anthony Kaye - PLAY


The World’s First

Healthy Chocolate

Eat it for Health, Share it for Wealth

“Wealth is always created by involving oneself in something small

and hoping against hope that it becomes something huge.”

Hello.  My name is Andrea Beadle.  Welcome to my web page.


I am sure you are here to find out more about the world’s first HEALTHY CHOCOLATE and the business that is associated with it.


The videos below need to be viewed in order to give you an initial understanding of our business and the health benefits of HEALTHY CHOCOLATE.


Start with Brilliant Compensation. Then watch The Perfect Combination and/or The Five Reasons.  Then call me.


Click here for the Brilliant Compensation video

The business concept.  How and why it works.


Click here to see why Xoçai is - The Perfect Combination

The right products, company, science, timing and business.


Click here for The 5 Reasons by Paul Engemann

Paul’s unique and powerful presentation covering the product and business.


When you have finished watching the videos please get back to me or contact me and I will help you to take your next step:


Email Me    Mobile: +44 (0)7855 529798    Skype: andrea.beadle