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Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant and use your computer and office skills working from home.

There is a high demand for virtual office work, Virtual Assistants, Virtual PA and even Virtual Receptionists. Particularly in the current economic climate, small companies cannot afford to employ staff full time.

The impact that electronic communications have had on the workplace is huge and many companies are now looking to virtual office assistants for their secretarial services.

Virtual Assistants or Virtual PAs are independent entrepreneurs who provide administrative, creative or technical services from the comfort of their own homes. If you already have a PC at home, then it is likely that you have all you need.

There are several organisations on the web catering for and advising on becoming a Virtual Assistant. Work seems to be plentiful. What's more, you can even complete work across international boundaries as the time difference can actually help. If a company wants some work done at very short notice, sending work to the other side of the world means you can complete it whilst they sleep and have it waiting in their inbox first thing in the morning.

Think about what premium you could charge for a service like that!

Becoming a Virtual Assistant also means that you can work on your own terms, wherever and whenever you like. You can also only take on as much work as you want to do and can pick and choose your clients.

However, there is also a downside to being a Virtual Assisant:

Clients may leave issuing work until the last minute and you may find yourself either swamped with work and having to turn it away, or having to work irregular hours to fit in with tight deadlines.

Have a look at these links or do a search on Google.

Virtual Receptionists

In addition to virtual assistants, virtual receptionists are also in high demand so you might also consider advertising yourself as a virtual receptionist.

A Virtual Receptionist offers a telephone answering service to business. The cost of missed calls can cost the small business a lot of money. Particularly if their area of work requires quick decision making.

I don't know about you but I have often called traders and received an answerphone message, if I need something doing quickly, I won't leave a message but will go on to call the next person on my list.

Offering a telephone answering service can make all the difference to some businesses. All the client does is transfer their calls through to you at an agreed time. As a Virtual Receptionist, you sound no different to the caller, as if you really were sitting at one of the office desks. No-one expects the receptionist to know all the answers so you are able to take a short message and promise to get the client to call them back shortly.

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