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Learning to Attract Prospects to your Business

This page gives you access to Free Network Marketing Training to help you take your network marketing business online. Whether you are a complete beginner or a leader wanting to build an Internet presence, these FREE resources are a great place to start. Learning to attract prospects to your business is fundemental to network marketing success so don't skip this page!

Training is fundemental to the success of any business. One of the main reasons that people fail in starting a home business is that they don't know what to do or how to do it.

This is particuarly true with Network Marketing and MLM as unfortunately there are still many people promoting the old ways of Network Marketing. I'm sure the majority of people don't intend to be dishonest but unfortunately for most of us, Network Marketing is not easy.

Network Marketing Training

Network Marketing Training traditionally consisted of attending hotel meetings for sizzle sessions or seminars by local group leaders.

If you were lucky you might get a visit from an upline guru who on might so an "MLM training/opportunity meeting" while on a tour of the country.

I’ve heard horrific stories of attending meetings where the aim was to whip everyone up in to a buying frenzy so that those in the audience would join the opportunity.

The trouble with this approach is that it isn’t really network marketing training that the normal everyday person like you and I can actually use.

There might be a focus on selling skills or how to work leads. Maybe there is a CD box set that will give you all the training you need (and line the founder’s pocket).

Generally network marketing training might suggest you do some of the following:

  • Travel to all MLM training events your network marketing company offers (at your own expense)
  • Hand out business cards to strangers in wherever you come across them
  • Post fliers and leaflets on lampposts, windscreens, walls, doctor’s surgeries, schools, etc.
  • Create your names list of 200 people and ring them all. Direct them to a video and get them on a 3-way call at all costs.
  • Host house parties
  • Wear company clothing or badges to attract prospects

If you are reading this, you may be lucky in that this has worked for you. However, I hope you realise that this doesn’t suit everybody and is actually not training at all. Yes, some people have huge success using this method, but for the majority of us it leads to no results and a feeling of failure.

Let’s be clear, it is not you that have failed but the network marketing training that the company uses. Most of these methods will repel potential customers and alienate your friends and family!

New Style Network Marketing Training

There are more and more systems appearing that promise to change your Network Marketing fortunes. Many of them use similar ideas and promise that you will never have to cold call leads again.

There are some great programmes out there but the majority of them leave you to work them out for yourselves.

The biggest problem for most of us exploring this route is that whilst we agree with the principles they are talking about, we actually need someone to take us by the hand and show us exactly what to do!

The majority of the training systems you will come across won’t give you that luxury and you may find, like I did some time ago, that you have a pile of training on the shelf but still have no idea how to implement it without spending lots of money!

Fortunately, all that is about to change. With my help you can learn to attract prospects to you.

Renegade University

Renegade University is FREE network marketing training that is based on the attraction marketing model which works not just for network marketing, but for any buiness. This training is unique in that it shows you step by step exactly what to do and more importantly, how to do it! What's more it is free and you can use lots of free methods to implement the training. You don't even need a website!

So before you spend any more money on mlm or network marketing training, take a look at this free mlm training with the Renegade University.

The 90 Day Marketer

The 90 Day Marketer is another phenomenal network marketing training system for Renegades. I particularly like the fact that this was developed by a member of Ann's own team incorporating all that she teaches. Additionally, it is an affiliate program in itself which ensures that anyone in your downline can duplicate your success - essential for residual income.

Network Marketing Training for Beginners

I found the Renegade University some time ago and having mastered much of what is taught, I now help beginners in network marketing apply internet and attraction marketing strategies to their business in order to attract customers and leads to them.

If you are unsure about having to chase leads the tradtional way, there is an alternative and I can show you step by step what to do.

You can build a successful online business on the smallest of budgets and I can help. I can show you step by step what to do and it doesn't have to cost you lots of money. There are many free resources that you can use to generate leads and build your business.

Even if you lack technical skills and can only just use your computer - it doesn't matter. That won't stand in your way as I can provide you with free click by click training and teach you as you go.

My basic training is FREE, with no obligation and no strings attached. You can take time to implement it and see how it works giving you time to really evaluate whether it is a good match for you. Whether you are already in a network marketing company or just looking for some free ideas, let me be your coach.

Find out more about my network marketing training here.

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