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What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing?

So What is Network Marketing? Also referred to as Multi-level Marketing, MLM, direct selling, "an opportunity", Network Marketing has had some bad press in the past and many people (particularly in the UK) will automatically switch off at its mention.

Let me assure you now, Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing is NOT the same as the Multi Level Marketing Scams you may have heard of - often termed pyramid selling.

Network Marketing is established in many countries as a highly respectable way of promoting products and earning an income.

In a nutshell, network marketing is about companies choosing to use a network of customers and distributors to generate sales of their products or services rather than the traditional model of advertising and having the high associated costs of retail outlets.

For the distributor this is incredibly powerful as it provides you with the ability to sell a company’s product or services through a simplified distribution chain, where you are able to sell products directly to your customers through a team, or network, of independent distributors.

As a distributor, you benefit by making an income from those sales, based on the compensation plan established by the company.

The network marketing company benefits because even though they have to pay you for the work that you do and the products that you sell, they do not have the huge overheads of multiple retail outlets and the associated distribution chains.

This model of distribution frees up a lot of money. Companies are able to eliminate the warehouses, wholesaler, retailer and the advertising budgets that companies spend millions of pounds on. The money that is saved in this new distribution model can now go to two areas:

  1. You as a distributor in commissions and bonuses
  2. Product research and development

Network Marketing in Summary

Network Marketing provides a genuine opportunity for you to build a business from home that will generate a long term residual income. However, there are many considerations to take into account before you jump feet first into the first one you come across.

I have a strong belief in Network Marketing as a business model although I am not a fan of the traditional network marketing methods of recruitment. I aim through this site to show you how you can make a success of any network marketing opportunity.

Ultimately you need to go with a business that fits your own values and personal situation. It is not just the company that you choose that will make the difference. You need to make sure that the person that brings you in to the business is going to be able to support and mentor you to ensure that you avoid all of the major pitfalls.

If your sponsor has the backing of good support networks and training and you feel that you can trust them, you are far more likely to succeed.

If you are considering network marketing as a business idea then read on. If you are already in a network marketing company and are struggling to make it work for you, don't despair! With my help, you can turn your business around and make a success of it.

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