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Top MLM Companies

Why They Might Not be the Right Choice For You

This page aims to help you decide whether the top mlm companies and top network marketing companies are for you.

I explain why I consider the top 10 companies might not be right for you and give you guidance about what you should be looking for in a mlm company and help you to align your choice to your individual circumstances.

Why Look for a Top Network Marketing Company?

If you are looking for the top 10 mlm company then you will find that the majority of the big mlm and network marketing companies will claim to be just that.

Of course if you are just starting out in MLM or Network marketing it can be bewildering and you are probably looking for a top mlm company for a number of different reasons:

  • You want to join a successful company
  • You are looking for a solid reliable company that is not likely to fold any time soon
  • You want to go with a name that you know something about

Of course those reasons are vital in choosing a company but they should not be your only reasons for choosing a network marketing or mlm company.

Why The Top 10 Network Marketing Company Might Not be Right for You

Everyone’s perspective on what the top 10 network marketing company is differs. Some might think of the top being the most famous, others the one with the largest retail sales and another person might consider the top mlm company to be the one that has the highest number of millionaires on its books.

All of these reasons are perfectly valid for some people looking at the next mlm to join.

In my view, joining the most famous network marketing company is not necessarily the way to go.

There comes a time when a company becomes so well known that it is not necessarily the best time to join. Not that the market is saturated but that network marketing can be a tough business to be successful in and if the company is very well known, you may find it hard to recruit if a lot of people already know about or have already joined your opportunity.

Likewise, the company with the highest retail sales or with the largest number of millionaires might show that it is a highly successful company but won’t necessarily give you the golden opportunity that you might be looking for.

If you have had any dealings with network marketing you will have heard all the hype around getting in on the next big ground floor opportunity. What people are looking for when they are looking for a ground floor opportunity is getting started with a company that hasn’t yet made it big but is about to.

The lure of making the big time and getting in before any of the big players is what people are hoping to do. Yes, it can work but it can be a little risky as the company is not yet proven to be successful.

Consider Trends and Optimal Timing

In my view, there is an optimal time to join a network marketing company and for someone just starting out in network marketing it is not before a company launches or when it is so well known that the market for a beginner is saturated.

Finding the balance somewhere between the two can be critical and at this point you are less likely to find an mlm company listed in the top 100 network marketing companies let alone the top 10 network marketing companies!

In all cycles business models people make money or lose money. Those that make money are the ones that get in at the beginning of a huge trend.

The same is true of network marketing and in my view you need to get in front of a trend with a company that has already started, is already proving successful and has positioned itself to benefit from current trends. It therefore needs to be a company that has not saturated the market yet.

If you can predict what the trends are and join a solid and successful network marketing company at the beginning of its success, you are likely to have much better success than someone joining a business that is behind the trend or that is already saturated.

How To Identify Network Marketing Trends

The simplest way to find the trends in any business is to study those that cause the trends and in today’s society; the baby-boomer generation.

This large group of people has caused trends in almost all industries from baby food to toy companies and real estate to cars.

Remember the cartoons where you have a huge bulge of water travelling down a hosepipe? Imagine the baby boomer generation as this huge bulge of water. As they are about a third of the population and control approximately 65% of the money they are the key to your success in network marketing.

As the baby boomer generation approaches its mid 50’s, consider their concerns, desires and needs when you consider your network marketing company.

What are they concerned about?

  • Health
  • Looking younger
  • Education
  • Retirement
  • Security
  • Money

In my view, you should at least be considering a company that is able to address real concerns for baby boomers in one or more of the above areas and that has positioned itself to benefit from that trend.

If you would like to find out more about which Network marketing Businesses I consider to be ahead of the trend right now, please feel free to contact me through the form on the right and I will be happy to help you see if any of them are a fit for you right now.

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