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MLM prospects are critical to your success in mlm, multi level marketing or network marketing but they are notoriously hard to come by. Or at least they are if you are being taught the old school methods of network marketing. Traditionally in network marketing we are taught that everyone is our prospect.

If you have struggled to develop a network marketing business because you have considered everyone to be your prospect, the first step on your road to success should be to download Ann Sieg’s free e-book, "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing". This book shows you just why treating everyone as your prospect is counterproductive to your business.

Everyone is NOT your MLM prospect

When you think about this logically, it is obvious. Just because someone we know has a great new business or great new product does not mean that it is going to suit us. Even though those of us in network marketing are fully aware of the industry and its benefits does not mean we are a prospect for every other opportunity out there.

In order to be a prospect for a network marketing opportunity, we have to have a need that product or opportunity fulfils.

However, the way in which we find out about that product or opportunity plays a huge part in whether or not we will be receptive to it.

One of the reasons that network marketing has developed a bad name is because of the approach that everyone is a prospect. No one likes this approach and many people switch of as soon as they think they are being pitched.

As buyers we are well informed, we know what we want and more importantly we want to seek out our own solutions. We recognise when someone is trying to pitch us and we don’t like it. I don’t know about you but once my mind is made up about something, no one is going to change it! Who knows what great opportunities I may have missed as a result of the way it is put to me.

So Who are Your MLM Prospects

Remember I said that for an opportunity or product to be of interest to us it has to fulfil a need that we have?

A good MLM prospect is someone who is actively looking for either a business opportunity or a product that solves a particular problem.

The best MLM prospects are people that you don’t have to work hard to sell the benefits of the mlm business model. In my experience these are amongst the hardest prospects to work with as they can be sceptical and wary. I personally don’t waste my time trying to persuade people that the mlm business model is a good one; I look for people that already know that.

The Internet is changing the way that the world does business and it can change the way you find prospects for your business too.

A good mlm prospect is someone who is actively searching for information about your product or service. They may even be searching for information about your network marketing company!

Remember that even if you find a network marketing prospect, they may research your business online before making a decision about signing up.

Imagine how gutted you would be if having done all the legwork, spent hours explaining the products and business opportunity, your prospect does a search on the internet only to find another network marketer in the same business doing things in a different way. People sign up with people they think will help them to be successful, not just the company you represent.

Many network marketers are looking for solutions as to how to “do” network marketing online and with a little network marketing training you can show them how!

Finding Network Marketing Prospects

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