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My name is Andrea Beadle and whilst I am now a mum working from home part-time, I have also been fortunate to have a successful career spanning 22 years working in management and consultancy.

I have been a retail manager, a teacher and a human resources consultant. More recently I manage a team of HR consultants.

I say fortunate to have a successful career but in truth, much of that is due to common sense and hard work. I have always been someone who can turn their hand to anything and if I set my mind to it will master most things. In my late 30's I acheived a first class degree at University having given up work to commit to my studies.

My story though, is familiar the world over. Fed up with the rat race, the long hours and constantly working weekends, I longed for an alternative lifestyle but finances always seemed to prevent me from moving in a different direction.

The Turning Point

As a successful career woman in my late 30’s, my world was turned upside down after the birth of my son, Archie in 2005. I had always been successful at everything I turned my hand to and I imagined that with my skills I would find being a mother a breeze.

How wrong can one girl be? Whilst I loved my new son unconditionally and adored being with him, financially I had to return to work when he was 7 months old. As an older mum, I knew I could not work full-time and leave him in childcare all week. There was no point in having waited so long for him if I did that!

So I determined to work part-time and have the best of both worlds. How hard could that be?

I could never have imagined how much of a struggle it would be to balance all the different areas of my life! How could a successful career girl find it so difficult? I found myself being pulled in all different directions... feeling guilty when I was at work and not being able to concentrate on my son fully when I wasn’t.

The house was a mess, I battled the baby blues and all the time wishing I could be at home like many of my friends in more fortunate financial circumstances.

I began to think that there must be a better solution and explored many options for replacing my income. I tried buying and selling clothes on ebay and spent endless hours listing, packing, wrapping and queuing at the post office. Yes, I made some money but nowhere near what I needed!

I felt powerless to change my life. I knew that the Internet must be the solution but how?

Good Fortune

Finding a professional business that I could build part-time working from home online whilst dedicating quality time to our son was not easy. Our dream is to eventually have a home in Canada and so whatever solution I came up with needed to be something that I could do anywhere in the world!

Not an easy prospect but I had the good fortune to stumble across some dynamite information and now there is no looking back!

The work of these two people has transformed my life. Much of the credit for my current success goes to them. Not all of it though, as without my hard work and dedication their teachings would still be sitting on the virtual shelf!

These two people are Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler. They have discovered an incredible synergy between the Internet and Network Marketing and are huge Internet success stories and role models for us all.

I first came across Ann Sieg and implemented much of what she taught by joining her team of Renegades. I learnt a huge amount through this association and began to have some success in my online endeavours.

Shortly after this I encountered Mike Klingler and his Renegade University. Regretably, I didn't immediately appreciate the value that Mike was offering and missed a huge opportunity to develop my skills and in turn my business.

Once I did realise what I had at my fingertips and began implementing some of Mike's training, my business began to take off.

However, it was not until very recently when Ann and Mike teamed up to launch Renegade Professional that things got really exciting!

This website is something that came about through stumbling across their teachings and I am now building a REAL business that means I will soon be financially independent and be able to break free from the rat race if I choose.

I’m not offering a get rich quick scheme or overnight success, but if you are interested in a real system that actually works there are a number of things that you need to take a look at today:

How I built my website.

The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto

and if you are in Network Marketing The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

If you have a true desire to succeed and are realistic that nothing good comes for free or without hard work, you too can follow my path.

If you would like to find out more about how, as a mum working from home, I am building a successful online business, or would like a free consulation, please contact me through the form in the side bar. Tell me a little about yourself and what you would like help with and I will get back to you.

I hope that the pages of this site can help you to fulfil your own dreams and look forward to helping you turn your dreams into reality.

To your success!

Andrea Beadle

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