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The lack of free network marketing leads and people to speak to is THE biggest challenge facing the network marketers and home business owners I speak to in my consultations. Network marketing mlm leads are critical to the success of your Network Marketing busines.

free network marketing leads

Whichever way you look at it you need to find leads. If you are reading this you may have run out of people to speak to or are not comfortable with the suggestion of contacting everyone on your names list. Maybe you are considering buying leads or have already bought leads to find that it was not a successful path for you.

The big problem is that if you buy leads you are effectively faced with the prospect of cold calling because you are likely to be just one of a number of people chasing that same person.

There are at least 3 problems with this:

  1. You have no idea how many times that person has been called on the basis that they are someone who might be interested in a business opportunity.
  2. Even if you do manage to strike up a conversation with them, unless you are very experienced in cold calling, you are likely to get nowhere!
  3. If the lead is not interested in your business or someone else has beaten you to it, you have wasted your money.

In my experience, the only way to go is to generate your own free network marketing leads. Unless you do this, you will always be fighting an uphill battle and unless you are particularly resilient you will in all likelihood be one of the many network marketers that give up because it is just too hard.

There are alternatives....

You can learn to generate free network marketing leads using low cost or free online resources at The Renegade University. The biggest benefit to this is that not only will your leads be fresh and know who you are, it means you don’t have to spend money marketing your business.

Using the attraction marketing model, you will learn a key fact that is overlooked in marketing - How people search the Internet! People are looking for information and solutions, not adverts.

Learn this and how to create attractive and educational content that solves an initial problem for your prospects and you will learn to generate fresh high quality, targeted network marketing leads online that will respect what you say and want to learn more about your solution.

Learn how to build your own Network Marketing Website, either to generate product sales or to generate your own free network marketing leads.

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