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MLM Networking - Tips and Advice for Making the Right Impression

If you are in MLM and are looking to do some MLM Networking there are a few things to consider in order to ensure that you make the right impression and don't scare people off. In some circles, network marketing has a bad press and if you choose the wrong approach you will alienate people from the moment you open your mouth!

Getting your Networking in MLM right can make all the difference to finding a contact that might be a good one and having everyone in the room avoid you for the rest of the event!!

Firstly there are many networking groups out there that you could try networking for your MLM business.

  • BNI - Business Networks International
  • Your Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Women Networks

Other Business MLM Networking Opportunities

Besides the traditional business networking groups there are plenty of other business MLM networking opportunities out there if you keep your eyes and ears open and more importantly, approach it the right way.

Conferences, Business Seminars and Trade Fairs all offer good opportunities to network for your MLM Company as do training courses in self development as they are likely to have people looking to better themselves attending.

Think about how your MLM might benefit people and individuals and think about where people looking for a business or to improve their lives might be going. MLM Networking at these places might be a good place to start. One lady I know approaches boot sale sellers quite successfully as she believes this type of person is looking to earn some money and is prepared to get up early to do so. It might not be everyone's approach but just be a bit creative and who knows what you may uncover!

MLM Networking- A Few Tips:

First and foremost - remember that the aim of MLM Networking is not to close the sale at these events. You are looking for people who might be interested in what you have to offer and show enough interest to warrant following up with. Pushing too hard at a networking event, no matter how much interest someone shows is a big turn off!

At Networking events people are interested in finding out what you do and whether it might be of interest to them. But remember that they are also interested in finding people who might be interested in their own business.

Networking is a two-way process. The success of networking groups such as BNI is due to the fact that people mutually pass on each others details to those that they meet with that need. If you network well you can develop long-term contacts that will remember you and pass on your details to people that they come across BUT they will expect you to do the same.

Show Genuine Interest - Ask what they do first! When you first start attending this type of event it can be quite nerve-racking so the quickest and easiest way to dispel those nerves is to get straight in there and ask them what they do. You can then listen attentively (whilst calming your nerves), find out what they do, think about anyone you know that might be interested in connecting with them. Someone who might have a mutually beneficial product or service or anyone that you know looking for the service they might offer.

Take Their Card - Once they have finished explaining their business, tell them who you might be able to put them in touch with and ask for their card. It is a great idea to ask for 2 business cards. One for yourself and one to pass on. This is a great way of showing that you are serious about passing on their details and helps you to make a connection with them.

Explain Your Business - Whilst you were listening to them you should have been thinking about how your product or service might help them. BRIEFLY explain your business. Do not give them a lecture about how your business is the best thing since sliced bread and try to tell them everything in one go without pausing for breath.

Give them a short synopsis of your business that leaves them wanting to find out more. Don't try to explain everything or you will confuse them and put them off. Make sure you leave them wanting more so that you have a reason to follow up with them.

A couple of examples that I use are:

  • I help people generate more referrals for their business...
  • I show network marketers how to take their business online...

Once they have shown some interest I might give them a very short overview but I don't tell them everything. I might ask if I can give them a call in the next few days to tell them more or I might suggest I send them some information by email or post depending on circumstances. Where appropriate I might also give them my card.

Make Notes - I always make some notes about our conversation, either on the back of their business card or in my notebook so that I can remember what we discussed and what I agreed to do. I will always try to make sure I get an address for them.

Follow Up!! This is the part that so many networkers forget and is the most important. You MUST follow up with people after the event.

Unless you keep in contact in some way or other, you will very soon be forgotten and your card will end up at the bottom of a pile somewhere. Some people are quite good at doing this by email but I prefer a more personal touch using my secret weapon - my business referral tool.

If you have said you will call, then do so. Particularly if they have shown an interest in you doing so. So many people I know suddenly get shy about making a call to someone that has asked them to! Give them a call and use the notes you made to recount some of the facts you found out about them. If you are shy about doing this, just ask if it is still convenient for you to speak to them. If they are not interested they will tell you!

These were just a few tips for mlm networking but there are a whole host of resources out there to help if you want to find out more.

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