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Choosing MLM Network Marketing Business

Choosing MLM Network Marketing as a business opportunity can be a very good decision for some people. However, it is not for everyone and not all MLM opportunities are created equal. Research into your Network Marketing Company on the Internet is very important as the fit to your own circumstances is critical.

If you are clueless about Network Marketing, don’t jump feet first into the first business opportunity you come across. It is absolutely critical to take your time to research your options.

An easy place to start is to use search engines such as Goole and Yahoo to find out what people are saying although you are likely to come up against a lot of adverts from people warning you against the recruiting methods rather than the business opportunity itself.

Investigate the company website and come up with a list of questions which you should receive satisfactory answers to before finally committing yourself.

Top 4 Considerations in Choosing an MLM Company

1. You need to choose an MLM that is in an expanding market. It doesn't matter how good you or your products are if your market is shrinking rather than expanding!

2. Your product needs to be Unique. If you don’t have a unique product you are competing on price and convenience and the product with the best price will win.

3. Your product needs to be consumable. Ensure that you choose something that will lead to repeat sales so that you get paid over and over. This can be utilities, a membership site, or something that people will use and re-order when the box/bottle runs out.

4. Timing - This is critical and you can read more about this important point on my page about Top MLM Companies.

Things to Consider when Choosing Network Marketing

Draw up a comparison chart scoring each opportunity against the following criteria:

Cost: How much does it cost to buy into the Network Marketing Opportunity and how does this impact on your current financial situation? There are many opportunities available for under £300 ($500) and you do not need to spend 1000’s of £ or $ to start off. Many opportunities will try to get you to buy in at a higher level purchasing lots of product to get started. You should not need to do this to be successful.

Monthly Fees/Charges: Most companies will require you to maintain your distributor status with an autoship (regular purchase) in order to continue to receive your commissions. Consider how much these fees are and how much product this will require you to sell.

Stock: how much stock will you be required to hold and what are the implications on this for storage and expenses.

Quotas: Do you need to establish volume quotas in order to progress to the next level. What happens if you do not achieve those quotas?

Compensation Plan: The part of the network marketing compensation plan relating to commissions/royalties is very important with respect to residual income. As stated above, residual income is the part that will enable you to take time off your business and will provide you with longer term wealth without direct effort on your part.

Demand for the Product: How easy will it be to sell your product? What is important here is how unique your product is. If your product does not offer some unique benefits you will just be competing on price and convenience. Consider the competition and whether this will prove too fierce.

Ethos: How does this business fit with your own values? Does it appeal to you as a business? Make sure you choose something that you will enjoy.

Practicalities: Consider if the requirements of the business fits well with your own circumstances. When will you be required to carry out the majority of your work? Does this fit with child care if you have to consider this? Are you able to work mainly from home using the computer and telephone or will you have to travel considerably to attend meetings?

Your Sponsor: In my view, this is one of the most critical factors to your success. You need to find a sponsor that you can relate to and that you can be sure has your best interests at heart. Are they available to speak to you? Will they help you to develop your business? What methods do they promote for building your business? Above all, if you find a sponsor that you realte to on a personal and business level that encourages you to develop your business in a way that fits with your own needs, snap them up!

Training: What training is available? What support is likely to be available from your upline? Is there training available online? You are unlikely to be successful if you do not have the support and training that you need, particularly if you are new to Network marketing. This is one of the most important things that you should ensure that you will have access to on your team.

To See how your Network marketing business compares against the ones that I am involved in, complete the contact form on the right.

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This might sound like a pretty dumb question, but do you like chocolate?

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You can now find out more about healthy chocolate on my website or my chocolate blog - the health benefits of chocolate.

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