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Data Entry Work from Home

Data Entry Work from Home

Data entry work from home can be an ideal way to fit your work in around the hours that you want to work. Many companies need data entry work completing but don't want to pay for permanent staff or the overheads of additional office space. They don't have to pay for holiday pay, sick pay or any of the other things you would be entitled to as a permanent employee.

With many companies using online systems that can be accessed over the internet, home based data entry becomes a real possibility. As long as you have access to a reliable internet connection you can work from home and carry out data entry work in the comfort of your own home.

To become a Home Based Data Entry Processor you will need a computer with e-mail access, a dedicated email account, an Internet connection, basic internet knowledge and reasonable typing skills.

You can choose to work the hours you would like to work whether that is full or part time.

The reaon you will need a separate e-mail account is because most communciation is through email and that is where all your work will be sent.

The other great thing about working from home in this way is that you can actually carry out work for any company.

In most cases data entry work from home is not particularly well paid but it does enable you to fit work around other commitments or give you some additional income whilst other areas of work are quiet. You may have to bid for work so you will need to consider what rate you will do the job for.

Don't undersell yourself just to get a job though. Most companies will want someone who can do the job to a good standard and do it reliably within the timescales that they specify.

The good thing about this kind of work is that if you do a good job, when repeat work comes up, they already know you and are most likely to use you again. This means that after carrying out data entry work from home for a while, you will find yourself with a steady stream of repeat business from the same few clients.

A Word of Caution

There are many sites on the Internet offering this type of work. You can do a google search and see what I mean. Beware though as not all will be reputable!

In many cases you will have to pay a joining fee to an agency who will offer you a money back guarantee. The agency guarantee to pay you for the work so you would hope that getting paid should be no problem. However, a money back guarantee is only as good as the company or individual behind the guarantee and once you have paid the fee, it could mean very little.

I would always carry out a google search on any company I was looking to do work for before starting out. If people are complaining, you will soon find out about it.

Also consider only carrying out this kind of work if you know someone that is doing it successfully.

As always, don't spend weeks doing work without getting paid for anything. My advice is always be to test a system out before investing huge amounts of time without seeing a pay cheque. Always be just that little bit more careful when working on the Internet.

Places to look for Data Entry Work

Check your local area for work. Local recruitment agencies may have work available and you may be able to see work offered in the local press.

I am reluctant to recommend any sites that offer data entry work from home but these sites are reputable and might be useful in investigating a few options.

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