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Can you really get free referrals and transform your business? Is there really a magic formula to get referrals without asking?

Absolutely! And it is easier and cheaper than you might think.

The secret to getting free referrals is in understanding that referrals are a key part of virtually every business. The other thing to get straight now is that everyone makes free referrals all the time and thinks nothing of it.

If you have ever recommended a good.... hairdresser, restaurant, film, phone, computer, school, nursery, kitchen fitter, mechanic, real estate agent.... those businesses get free referrals from you!

You probably thought nothing of recommending them to a friend. In fact, you probably loved recommending somewhere that you think provides a good service. What’s more, the person you recommended the business to was probably delighted to receive the recommendation!

In fact, in all walks of life we constantly give and receive referrals that are free referrals for all kinds of products, services and businesses. We love to share things that are good. Word of mouth is a powerful thing but it only happens when people love the service you provide and develop a strong sense of loyalty to you.

So why is it so hard to ask for referrals for our business? Suddenly it all goes wrong and we don’t like to do it!

Your satisfied customers would probably be delighted to recommend you to their friends if only you would ask. Don’t worry! I’m not going to spoil it by telling you that you have to ask your clients to get free referrals for you. But it might make you think about why you are so worried about asking!

How do you get free referrals without having to ask?

Firstly you have to have a good business, product or service that is worthy of recommendation. It is no good implementing this method if what you are offering is shoddy in the first place.

It takes a lot of effort to get customers and many businesses spend all their time trying to find new ones without really considering that they need to look after their existing customers.

If you have a network of customers that know, like and trust you, you are half way there.

If you are good at your business, customers will come back to you time and again. If you are really good they will talk about you to their friends when they know someone who is looking for what you offer.

So how do you capitalise on this to get free referrals?

The method that I use to get free referrals is nothing new. There are many great referral marketers who built their businesses using this exact same method and had huge proportions of their business coming from referrals.

How getting free referrals works in action....

So let's see some examples of real people using this system:

Joe Girard is one of the most famous car salesmen in the world. In fact he was in the Guinness book of records for 12 consecutive years.

Joe used to sell on average 6 cars a day! His secret? He sent handwritten, heartfelt greetings cards in the mail – fom thank you cards to Birthday cards and Christmas cards, he found a reason to send a card every month. He developed relationships with people and made sure that every month they remembered him in some way or another. The secret was not in selling the cars but in getting free referrals. He had people literally queuing up to sell them cars.

Tom Hopkins is a world recognised salesman and trainer and built his original multi-million dollar producing real estate sales career from nothing to a 98% referral business by keeping in touch with his clients with the use of thank you cards.

Bob Burg is an author and networking Guru who endorses sending heartfelt thank you cards. He says that “one of the most effective ways of helping prospects or potential referral sources feel comfortable with you — and continue the process of positioning you as the only logical resource for your products/services is to send thank you cards.” But he warns against sending generic notes with a business card. That is what everyone else does and it doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd. They need to be handwritten and heartfelt!

My Husband! Whilst my husband might not be famous or in the same category as the gurus, he uses the same method and stopped advertising over a year ago. Now he gets all the business he can handle from repeat business and free referrals! Using this method he should never have to advertise again....

In a nutshell - The way to get free referrals from satisfied customers

You don’t only have to be good at what you do but you need to maintain that relationship so that they never forget you and can always lay their hands on your details.

You need:

  • A good product or service
  • Customers who know and trust you
  • To continue to develop a relationship with them so they don?t forget you
  • To gently keep in touch with heartfelt greetings cards

As a result business will steadily grow with a steady stream of repeat business and referrals.

A Business Referral Tool

There is nothing special about this – it is a very easy system that we use to get free referrals. You might think that it will cost a lot of money but I can assure you first hand that it is far cheaper than advertising!

If it is so effective, what stops people from doing this? Usually it is the time factor. Handwriting and mailing lots of meaningful, handwritten greetings cards is incredibly time consuming. Joe Girard had a team of people doing it for him and most businesses really can’t do that!

However, technology has moved on and there is now a fantastic business referral tool that is an online system that automates the process you can use to send out your handwritten cards and manage all of these important relationships on autopilot. Costs are incredibly reasonable, you can upload your own handwriting font and the card is printed and mailed for you without you ever having to touch it!

Now you know how to get free referrals and that there is a business referral tool that can help automate the process what are you waiting for?

Read more about how to get free referrals using my Business Referral Tool

To take a free, no risk test drive of this amazing business referral tool (my gift to you) and see how easy it is to get free referrals fill in the form on the right and I will be happy to show you how.

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