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Goal Setting Forms

Setting Business Goals

Goal setting forms are tools to help you in setting and achieving goals. You have already learned the importance of setting goals and how there is an actual science behind why writing down your goals works.

You have also learned how despite the power of the goal setting process, many people still do not commit their goals to paper.

Post your goals somewhere prominent that you can see them every day. Review your goals daily and they are more likely to happen.

Our subconscious minds are amazingly powerful. Even if you do not believe in yourself or your goals to begin with, evidence shows that if we repeat something several times a daywe will actually come to believe in it.

Goal Setting Forms - Templates

Here are a couple of the forms that I use in my own goal setting to get you started.

The first is to set your first 5 goals.

Setting Business Goals

Remember to word goals as postiive statements.

Prioritise your goals in order of importance.

Focus on the things that you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

This form is to ensure that your targets are SMART. For a reminder on what this means, return to Setting Business Goals
Setting Smart Business Goals

On this form I find it helpful to copy across one of the 5 goals I have already written into the top box.

Don't forget that once you put a goal into writing it becomes substantial and starts etching itself into your subconscious.

The why is it important box helps you to develop a DESIRE to achieve the goal. Write out all the benefits and advantages of achieving your goal.

Break your goal down into actions that you will need to complete and think about the time that each will take.

In the resources required box, think about the obstacles you will need to overcome, the help you will need and knowledge you will need to develop.

Additional Resources

Goal Setting Forms

Goal Setting Forms is a collection of useful worksheets and templates to help you with your goal setting.

Click here for Goal Setting Forms

Goal Setting Software

If you don't like setting your goals on paper, there is an alternative.

GoalPro is a goal-setting software and achievement system, designed to provide you with all necessary tools to define, maintain, track, and achieve your goals.

Downloadable trial version available!

A Collection of Useful Books

Need more help with goal setting? These books are recommended reading...

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