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Having a Network marketing web site is a real dilemma for many people in network marketing and mlm. If you are looking to develop your business online because you are fed up with the traditional methods of network marketing or just because you recognise the potential of using the internet in your network marketing business, you will be familiar with the problems.

Because of such strict regulation, particularly in the health and food industries, either your network marketing company restricts what you are able to say online or forbids you to say anything at all about your products or your opportunity – effectively handcuffing you and apparently leaving you with nowhere to go.

Some companies forbid you to come up with your own multi level marketing websites for fear of you getting them into trouble with outrageous claims.

And even those companies that provide you with a network marketing website don’t really help you any further. You may not realise it but generic multi level marketing websites don’t get found on the search engines!

The reason for this is that they contain duplicate content and there might be thousands of other almost identical sites out there. Replicated sites are highly penalised by the search engines and so you can virtually eliminate the possibility of someone stumbling across your site. These sites don’t have unique content or nearly enough of it so they don’t build natural organic traffic.

Ok, so you still have a website to direct people to which is great but isn’t your network marketing website just somewhere for people to find out more about the technical stuff or to place an order? You still have to find people to direct to your site in the first place – and isn’t that why you are reading this?

How do you generate network marketing leads then?

You could buy them, but as I explain in my page on network marketing phone leads you end up buying the same old tired leads that have been called by just about everyone else with a business opportunity.

The bottom line is that you only own your business if you can generate your own steady supply of leads. Once you stop buying them, the leads dry up.

There is just no shortcut to building a genuine, steady supply of quality mlm leads.

Fortunately, there is an answer. If you are prepared to work hard for a few months to begin generating your own leads and/or network marketing product sales, you can create a successful multi level marketing website that will can either direct product sales, generate leads or even both.

This is a long term solution that requires work at the front end but once you have invested the time at the beginning, you will recoup the rewards for months and years to come effectively putting your lead generation on autopilot.

You can even learn to make a website that actually generates a long term residual income adding additional income streams along the way.

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