Fear of the Phone? Generating Qualified Leads

By Andrea Beadle


Are you sent into a cold sweat at the thought of calling a lead?

Do you dry up every time you pick up the phone?

Do you spend endless hours putting off making your calls, organising yourself and kidding yourself that time spent on setting up your systems is going to make all the difference when you do eventually get round to calling your leads?

When you do eventually pick up the phone do you face rude people that sometimes even hang up on you?

Are you on the verge of quitting because of the constant fear, humiliation and rejection and you just can't face speaking to people?

What probably makes it worse is that when you speak to your upline, they tell you that it gets easier and that if you call enough people you will eventually get lucky.

Well, take heart from my story....

As a child, my mother worked in network marketing and struggled to recruit. Unlike most, my mother has an incredible tenacity and was never frightened of speaking to people. She never gave up or seemed to be affected by the countless knockbacks.

Unfortunately for my mother, she lacked qualified leads to speak to not the skill to speak to people. If she was in Network Marketing today, I'm sure she would be one of the successful ones.

Having grown up seeing how hard it was for my mother, I never had any intentions of working in Network Marketing; until I encountered Ann Sieg.

I have been fortunate to hook up with one of the most amazing network marketing teams out there at the moment. Using the 7 Great Lies of Marketing free ebook and The Renegade System, I have a great supply of quality leads, something my mother never had.

I have also been lucky enough to be able to duplicate a really effective follow up system and within my first couple of months of had about 40 quality leads, all of whom were interested in network marketing solutions and had opted into advice and guidance from me.

Could I pick up the phone? No!

I procrastinated, made excuses, constantly organised myself and hoped that “by magic” these people would sponsor themselves.

Luckily for me, someone did sponsor themselves otherwise I think I would have still been putting off making calls to this day!

Eventually I made myself pick up the phone and start to make calls.

What happened amazed me! When I called, people were genuinely pleased that I had called them! The reaction varied from taking a few moments to register who I was and then being happy to speak to me, to being blown away that I had taken the time and trouble to call.

I couldn’t believe that I had put off speaking to these people for so long. Rather than a series of calls where I was rejected, people actually welcomed my call! Where I left a voicemail message, people emailed me to thank me for my call. Where I spoke to people I encountered people wanting to find out more about what I was doing and requests to set up a consultation and speak to me again. This wasn’t at all what I had expected.

So why is my story so different to many of those that we hear over and over again? What is my secret?

The secret is in using an attraction marketing system to generate quality leads and following them up in a way that adds value. When I get I lead, I don’t put them off forever by cold calling. Using a strong follow up system, I email to offer free advice and guidance to get to grips with something that they have already bought into. They sign up to my free guidance and videos and I educate them.

I position myself as an expert that can help them solve their problems and when I first call, I don’t jump into selling them my opportunity! I ask them questions; I listen; I show genuine interest in what they are doing; I find out what their challenges are and I offer advice freely.

This is why people are pleased to speak to me. What’ more, because they are highly qualified leads, my prospects are interested in network marketing and building a business. They have problems that my opportunity can truly help them to solve and because I have built a relationship with them, they are more likely to want to work with me than the guy that cold calls and tries to sell them.

If I can do this, so can you.

This system can work for anyone in any network marketing business. If you are interested in finding out more download my free report here or Contact Me