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Renegade University

Network Marketing Training

Renegade University is amazing free network marketing training and mlm lessons that will help you to take your Network Marketing Business online and find a new way of building your business. What's more it is FREE. It is aimed at showing Network Marketing beginners and leaders how to use the Internet to attract prospects and leads to them.

Whilst it may be aimed primarily at Network Marketers, the principles apply to any small business wishing to use the Internet to grow their business successfully.

The great thing about this mlm training is that it is designed to promote you rather than the system's creator. Following the first written attraction marketing lessons you will learn to identify just who your target market is and how you can help them solve their problems. Whilst this might sound a very simple exercise, many people skip this when starting out online and wonder why they don't succeed.

I have implemented many of the steps in this amazing network marketing training and its paid upgrade Renegade Professional and am now successfully using free methods on the Internet to generate leads and income for my business.

The reason this training is so outstanding is that it provides clear video tutorials by its creator Mike Klingler which show you exactly what to do. No having to read instructions that you just don't understand, clear click by click instruction and outstanding commentary which makes things so simple.

The added benefit of having video instruction is that you can pause it whilst you carry out what has just been demonstrated or rewind and go over it again. No-one gets left behind on this training course!

As someone with an educational background, the educational concept is phenomenal. We all have different learning styles and using video in this way enables everyone to get the message in their preferred style whilst the use of nearly all the senses means you have a much better chance of understanding and retaining the information.

MLM Lessons - The Course Book

The Renegade Network Marketer

The Renegade University uses Ann Sieg's phenomenal book The Renegade Network Marketer as its course book. This book was not written by Renegade University but was chosen as the course book and the University built around it!

The reason being because itÂ’s the absolute best at getting beginners started in the new attraction-based network marketing model. This is a powerful book and Renegade University shows you just how to use it successfully in your business.

Generate an Income Whilst you Learn

The most exciting part about this training is that it enables you to generate an income whilst you learn. You will find the training so phenomenal that you will want to refer other people to it. In doing so you will receive a commission if anyone purchases the course book. In addition, the professional version of the training means that you can earn a commission on paid memberships all the time people are paying for an upgraded membership.

People love the training that is provided and at some point are very likely to upgrade their membership and promote the training themselves.

Find out more about network marketing prospecting using one of the best funded proposals - The Renegade System.

Me as your Guide


If you join the Renegade University you will have access to me as your guide and coach. I am currently in the process of applying to be a Renegade University Superguide and have implemented much of the training successfully.

Remember you can sign up to the University absolutely free, so what are you waiting for. Emotional paralysis is the biggest enemy so get into action today and don't let it get a grip on you!

To your success!!

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Renegade University

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