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Retirement Work from Home enabling you to generate a retirement income is becoming not just something of interest but a necessity in the current economic climate. With falling interest rates, pensions seeming to get smaller and smaller and most people of "retirement age" feeling far to young to stop work, who can really afford to retire any more?

Or certainly not at the age you are expected to stop working anyway!

Most of my relatives and friends of "retirement age" are far too young to retire and really don't want to stop. For some voluntary work can fill some of the time and keeps them active, young and fit but it doesn't really help the bank balance or the sense of purpose working gives them.

If you are someone that loves to be active, going on holiday, playing golf and other activities all cost money and you don't want to lower your standard of living to be able to do the things you love, so additional retired income is essential.

What's more, a part-time job ties you down and prevents you from doing what you want and enjoying your retirement.

Are you a seasoned retiree, looking for "more"? Perhaps you're newly retired (sooner than expected?). Or are you merely planning ahead?

Whatever stage you're at, retirement allows you to do life your own way. It should be a time of empowerment, redirection and opportunity.

If you are a baby boomer looking for a home business for your retirement, you will have many skills and a great deal of knowledge that you can turn into a home business for your retirement.

You circumstances will impact on what you are able to do only in that you will need to be able to pick and choose where and when you work in order to fit all of your other pursuits in!

These days, all you need is a laptop and internet connection and you can run an online business from anywhere in the world.

Even if you don't have great technical or computer skills, you can learn enough to make a good living from home. I have been working with a lady of 71 who has learnt phenomenal computer skills and is loving every minute of it!

If you want a challenge then the only thing stopping you, is you! The good thing about working for yourself is that you don't have some computer whizz kid breathing down your neck expecting you to work at the same pace as everyone else. You can learn in your own time and at your own pace!

In my humble opinion, the other critical thing that you need to consider is a business that generates long term residual income. Let's face it, you may feel like a spring chicken now, but you won't be able to continue working for ever so make the work that you do count for the long term.

A Retiree Sharing his Passion

Listen to Claude sharing how he turned his passion into a retired work from home business to generate a retired income...

Retirement Home Business Resources

If you are serious about a retirement home business, bearing in mind the considerations above, the following resources are, in my opinion essential viewing.

I personally know of a number of people earning a long term residual income using this method and this will continue long into their retirement with minimal work required to keep it going.

Free Ebooks for Home Business
Make Your Words Sell

Free Ebook - Make your words sell
Make Your Knowledge Sell

Free Ebook - Make your knowledge sell

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