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SBI Websites are amongst the most successful and profitable websites in the world and that is no over-exaggeration. Over 60% of websites in the top 3% for their keywords are SBI websites. What's more SBI websites are beginners website and many SBI owners have absolutely no programming or website building experience. I came across Site Build It following my discovery of the Renegade System as it is one of the affiliate products included in the back end.

Tip! If you are considering buying The Renegade System, make sure you buy SiteBuildIt it first as you will then be able to buy The Renegade System at a 50% discount!

Up until this discovery, I considered myself relatively computer literate having studied computer applications at University. Although no expert with websites I knew enough to write the website for my husband's kitchen and bedroom fitting business and considered that I had done a relatively good job on a budget.

I knew enough about domain names, registration and basic html to have an advantage over most people considering writing their own website and had considered that I would at some point write my own website to advertise my own HR Consultancy Services.

When I stumbled across Site Build It, like many people (maybe you?) I considered that there were lots of much cheaper alternatives out there. You can pick up cheap (and free) domain names and get them hosted very inexpensively. Many of the hosting services such as HostGator. come with basic packages that allow you to write your own website without a huge outlay.

What I now know is how Site Build It! blows away old-fashioned Web hosting. Any Web host can provide space, bandwidth and 99.9% uptime, but how many of them can actually help you build a successful business?

So Why Would I Need Something Like Site Build It?

What could SBI possibly have to offer that would make any real difference to having a website? I could understand using a step by step package for those who had absolutely no skills in this area but I had already written a website!

Fortunately for me I am open to suggestion and I took the time to do some research. I read some of the case studies and watched the videos. As I did so it gradually dawned on me that a website could actually make money in its own right!

Up until that point I had considered that a website was a necessary expense and was mainly about advertising a product or service. My husband's website had been used quite successfully and was effectively somewhere that he was able to refer his potential customers to have a look at some of his installations and workmanship.

Free SiteSell E-books

I had never considered the concept of a website actually making money and all of a sudden the concept of a website being more than an advert and actually earning money for me long term suddenly became very exciting!

As well as being the all in one business solution and affiliate programme, Site Build It! also provides amazing free training. Site Build It has all 10 of the top 10 online marketing books and you can get them all free! Just click on the image on the left. Now it isn't often you get to try before you buy!

Turn Virtually Any Hobby or Interest into a Viable Online Business

What I learned was that it was possible to turn virtually any hobby or interest into a viable online business.

What's more, anyone can do it. You don't need any previous knowledge about building a website, no programming skills and no business or products to sell.

Site Build it helps you to identify knowledge or skills that you can turn into a profitable website that can earn you a significant additional income. They then take you step by step through the process of putting your site together. Watch the Video Tour Site Build It!

It doesn't matter what your interest or topic, with SBI you can make money with virtually anything! Have a look at the hundreds of successful websites built by normal people like you and I.

You will see that the variety of topics that people have chosen to write about and turn into profitable with SBI is incredible!

My website is still in its infancy in comparison to some SBI sites but I have already started to make some money with it. SBI website owners understand that there is no get rich quick answer and that it takes time to build a successful website.

Don't underestimate the time it will take to get a good site up and start earning income, however understand that it is worth it in the long term. All the hard work is in the early days and you need to have in mind that you are investing in your future. SBI owners' patience pays off when their websites start to earn them money while they travel, look after the kids or sleep. What's more, it allows people to earn money doing what they love!

Many SBI owners establish one site and then begin building another site as soon as it starts to earn them money. It is possible to earn in excess of £2,000 ($4,000) a month from just one site so you can understand why you might want to get three or four up and running! Have a look at some of the top SBI sites for some great examples of SBI! at its best.

Imagine being able to bring in that kind of money during your retirement, whilst studying at college or University, on maternity leave or whilst looking after the kids? See how.

How do You Make Money from a Website?

Affiliate Marketing

Many SBI websites just make money from plain old advertising. You've probably noticed the links by Google on my site. Every time someone clicks on a link, I get paid. OK, so each click is not a lot of money but it all adds up. Most SBI site owners make money from Google's Adsense and SBI Websites teach you how.

You can also find lots of different products to add to your site. See my page on Affiliate Programmes for more information or click on the image to the right to find out what SBI says about Affiliate Marketing.

Advertising books that might be of interest or having other people advertise on your site can also make you money. The idea is that you try to make a little bit of money every time someone leaves your site and if you can manage to get 1,000 plus visitors to your site every day it soon adds up.

Money Back Guarantee - Any Questions?

Site Build It! Questions

As I said earlier, SBI is not the cheapest option for getting a site up and running and at $299 per year you might wonder whether it is worth the outlay. However, at approximately $25 a month all inclusive (including the purchase of your domain name and hosting) it actually works out at a great bargain. There are absolutely no hidden costs, no sudden additional charges because you want to do something a bit different, and if you really are still not sure, SBI are one of the few companies to offer a full money back guarantee. Try it, you have nothing to lose as if you don't like it you can just give it back! Not that you would ever want to!

This has been a whistlestop tour of SBI, but if you like what you see and still have questions that you need answering, you can submit your question to a real SBI Website owner.

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