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What is Send Out Cards UK?

Send Out Cards UK is an online card company that sends a real card in the mail. These are not electronic or e-cards but real cards that are printed, stuffed into envelopes and are posted with a stamp as opposed to franking.

For my UK readers the nearest equivalent is who advertise heavily on the television. cards start at £2.99 without postage. do not advertise and rely on a network of distributors to spread the word about them. There are no shops holding enormous quantities of stock keeping costs down and it is this business model that allows the company to pay its distributors through coaching fees and commission on sales.

As a result of this, quality cards start at only 62c (approximately 40p) plus postage.

If you are considering Send Out Cards UK as an online home business then it is one that I have personal experience of and can recommend highly for a number of reasons.

Send Out Cards Ethos

Send Out Cards founder, Kody Bateman has very strong morals and there is a phenomenal story behind the company.

As a young man his brother was going off to college. As he left, Kody had a strong urge to tell him that he loved him but instead just waved him off.

Not long afterwards his brother died and being acutely aware of how the pace of modern life made it hard to express feelings, Kody vowed to make it easier for people to act on their promptings.

The whole company is founded on his mission to share a little love.

Huge Growth Potential

Send Out Cards is still relatively new to the UK and there is enormous potential for growth. I love this video recorded by one of Send Out Cards top earners showing you why now is the perfect timing to consider Send Out Cards UK as a business. .

Phenomenal Business Tool

Send Out Cards is a phenomenal relationship building tool for anyone already in a network marketing company or needing to keep in touch with and follow up with clients and prospects.

This Free report shows you just how Send Out Cards can help develop any business.

Ease of Use

The Send Out Cards system is incredibly simple and fun to use. I make cards and postcards by uploading family photographs or “art” that my 4 year old has produced. I am always getting comments on the wonderful cards that I send.

No Product to Store

I love the fact that, unlike many direct sales businesses, with Send Out Cards there is absolutely no stock to hold. Even the product that you use yourself is “stored online” until you need it.

Low Monthly Fee

There are very few businesses out there with such a low monthly commitment. At only 31 USD this equates to approximately £20 per month (depending on exchange rates).

I challenge you to find any other network marketing opportunity with such a low monthly fee.

Simple, Easy to Understand Product

Everyone sends cards! Most people would send more if it wasn’t for the fact that they have to remember to buy a card, buy a stamp and get it to the postbox on time.

Additionally with Send Out Cards there are tools to make sure that you never forget a birthday or anniversary again.

With its calendar, reminders and ability to schedule cards in the future, Send Out Cards makes keeping in touch so much easier. I have found particularly with older relatives I am able to drop them a card from time to time and it makes so much difference to them. Receiving a card is something that makes them feel special.

Cheaper Than The Shops

Cards sent using are cheaper than virtually any quality card you can buy on the UK high street! Most direct sales businesses tend to have expensive products that you have to justify the cost of. Not so with Send Out Cards.

Ability to Send Mass Mailings

Send Out Cards allows you to upload your contact database into the system, set up groups and use a mailmerge function to send 100s if cards at the click of a mouse.

You are also able to upload your own handwriting font and signatures in order to ensure that the cards looks personalised.

International Postage Rates

If you are looking to send any volume of cards to the US, Canada or Australia from the UK you can benefit by paying local postage rates as Send Out Cards will post locally using local currency. This means that cards sent to the US currently only cost 45c less than 30 pence as opposed to UK postage rates of 95 pence.

Last dates for Christmas post to the US, Canada and Australia are also later as they are printed directly in the US and Australia and benefit from that country's last posting dates - perfect if you always miss last posting dates!

Easy to Contact

Send Out Cards company Head Office is in the US and I have never had any problems in contacting them. Emails are replied to promptly and because they are 8 hours behind us in the UK it means we can easily contact them in the evenings.

Send Out Cards UK Support

I am involved with a number of Send out cards senior managers currently supporting the UK efforts. Send out cards plans to open a print facility in the UK to serve the European postal area and growing the UK market is the first step in that plan.

I am also supporting people to develop their online presence using the methods you will have come across on my site. If you are interested in joining my team or would like to find out what support is available for Send Out cards UK reps, please feel free to contact me via my contact form on the right.

Find Out More About Send Out Cards

If you would like to find out more about SendOutCards, please take a look at these videos. They should tell you all you need to know.

Review Send Out Cards

If you would like a free trial of the system contact me, or take a look at my Send out cards site.

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