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As a busy mum, I love working from home online! As stay at home businesses go it has it all. I get to take my son to school and pick him up, spend time with him at the end of the day and fit my work in around him. So what does a typical work from home day look like for me?

I wanted to share a day working from home online for those of you who just don't think it is possible. To be honest, working from home online is possible no matter what lifestyle you have or want but this was my day....

Today we got up early and had a leisurely breakfast. I put some washing in the machine and loaded the dishwasher whilst my son was brushing his teeth. (and playing with the water as all 5 year old boys seem to have to!). There was no rushing around, no worrying whether I had everything I needed for work as we headed out of the door as I knew it would all be waiting for me when I got back.

We walked to school skipping and chatting together in the spring sunshine and just had time for a quick chat with some of the other mums and dads at the school gate before I walked home again enjoying the sunshine and planning my day.

I had a quick tidy round when I got home and hung the washing out of the line - It is so lovely to be able to do that again now that the better weather is here!

Chores done, I sat down at my computer. The great thing about working from home online is that you don’t need lots of “stuff”. There are no huge boxes of products lying around, nothing to trip over. Everything I need is at my fingertips and there aren’t many truly stay at home businesses that mean you don’t have to go out to speak to people and drum up business.

I did some research, wrote a couple of web pages, did a little bit of online marketing using social networking sites and got to grips with a couple of new pieces of technology.

Some people might think that working from home online might be a lonely business but I have a whole community of people that I can chat to when I get stuck, bounce ideas around and get new ideas from so I don’t find it at all lonely. I suppose when you are doing something that you love and that gives you a lifestyle that you love, there is no time to be lonely! For me, the 5 hours that I have before I have to go and pick my son up again seems to fly by and some days I have to drag myself away for a break. I have a tendency to really get stuck into something and often have to rush to get to school because I haven’t noticed the time!

Today I did manage to get some lunch – a healthy tuna salad. It was a bit overcast in the afternoon so I walked quickly back up to school to keep warm and get a little much needed exercise! I love waiting at the school gates and seeing my son’s face as he comes running out to greet me, full of what he has done today. I’m lucky that he is one of those children that do remember what he has done at school and is quite happy to talk about it – for now any way!

We walk home talking about his day and he has a snack when he gets home. A little time spent reading and doing some homework and then he can relax for an hour watching some tv. A little later we make the evening meal together – he helps me to make fishcakes for us all – squashing the fish and potato into cake shapes.

Tea, bath and bed before it’s time for hubby and me to put our feet up for the evening. Some evenings when my hubby is working I do some more work whilst my son sleeps. I might have a call to make to one of my team or some online training to attend. Other times it will just be writing more content for one of my websites.

I just fit my work around whatever we are doing as a family and love the freedom that it allows me. An online home business can work just as well as a retirement home business, students looking to earn extra money or mums working from home like me!

The key to it all is that regardless of the lifestyle you currently have or want, there will always be time in your day where you can sit down at your computer and work. It just takes a little thinking about, organisation and the desire! If you have a passion, you can turn it into a profitable online business, you just need to know how.

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