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If you are struggling to choose a Business - Home, Internet, Online Opportunity it is all very confusing. Here are some thoughts from a work at home mum on how a volcano erupting in Iceland might help you choose!!

Who would have thought the eruption of one little old volcano could have caused such chaos?

In Europe it seems that everything remotely connected to flying ground to a halt. Teachers were stranded half way around the world – one school in Kent had to close as they didn’t have enough teachers to staff the school. Some of my friends and family are still stranded in parts of Europe and struggling to get flights home.

Others had to cancel their holiday plans altogether as the chaos unravelled and the good old Navy were drafted in to bring people home!

Even a trip to my local supermarket for some fish for our barbeque at the weekend was blighted by the volcano as I couldn’t get any fresh tuna or swordfish due to them not flying it in. (Makes you think about food miles doesn’t it?)

Technology has come on a long way in recent years so many people were able to work and I had many messages via email from the good old Blackberry as well as communicating with family on Facebook. Some people were able to work in a limited capacity whilst they were stranded but I know the incredible stress that it caused others who had important meetings that they were just not going to be able to attend. I’m sure businesses will be counting the cost of the decision to close UK airspace for a long time to come.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how my online home business would have been affected by the chaos if I had been stranded abroad. And actually, it wouldn’t! In fact, being stranded abroad would probably be a good thing for my internet business as I wouldn’t have the distraction of daily life to contend with!

The reason I chose an online home business in the first place was because I wanted my business to be totally portable and to be able to work from anywhere in the world. All I need is my laptop, an internet connection, my mobile phone and my brain.

I can write wherever and whenever I get the chance and most of my calls are made over the internet.

So when considering a home business – home, internet or online opportunity, make sure that you really consider your lifestyle needs and whether the best based business for you might be based at home but using the internet and online – then you really will have a disaster proof business!

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