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A business networking referral can be a particularly valuable referral to get if it is actually genuine. If you have read Referral Marketing you already appreciate the value of a good referral as it can provide a way to grow your business with less effort and less advertising.

However, attending endless networking lunches, business networking organisations, business referral groups, breakfast meetings can take a lot of time, expense and effort which if you have a small business you just may not have!

You also need to think about whether your time at these business networking events is actually “paying for itself” in terms of the numbers of genuine business networking referrals you actually receive.

Have you ever thought about what each referral actually costs you in terms of time and expense? Work it out for yourself now if you haven’t already done so! Don’t forget to include your membership fees, costs involved such as petrol and business cards and of course your own valuable time!

Genuine Business Network Referrals

Genuine business networking referrals are like gold dust because so many times our business network doesn’t really understand what service we offer and we often end up with what effectively is a cold lead that doesn’t know we are even going to call them. A genuine business networking referral should be one where the client knows what you do, has a need for your services and has been told by the referrer that you will give them a call. Anything short of that is a cold call!!

Not all business networking events are created equal either! If you are spending hours at networking events being bored by the speakers and ending up with a handful of business cards that you really can’t see going anywhere then you need to think about your referral marketing strategy.

Word of mouth marketing from your existing customers, clients and contacts could be a much more effective way for you to go. There are easier, more cost effective and effective ways to get free referrals for your business.

As a small business owner, my husband has already cracked how to get free referrals using my business referral tool and you can too.

However, in order for it to work properly, you need to commit to putting a business referral system in place and take consistent action to make it work. Take a look at how to get free referrals for your business using my business referral system and you will be surprised at how easily your business could grow.

To find out more or to take a free, no risk test drive of the business referral tool that I use (my gift to you) and to see how easy it is to get free referrals fill in the form on the right and I will be happy to show you how.

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