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Multi Level Marketing Scams?

Multi Level Marketing Scams

Many people still believe that the Multi Level Marketing scams exist. To this day it is associated rather unfairly with pyramid schemes or Ponzi schemes. The early franchise schemes of the 1950’s were labelled scams and illegal.

Pyramid selling schemes are now illegal and have been for many years, Pyramid selling is related to scams where there were no legitimate products and the money being made was from the joining fees of the victims who entered them. People were left feeling ripped off and naturally avoided anything that smelt like these scams.

Today however, all countries regulate the network marketing industry to ensure the highest standards of business ethics and service for its customers and there are actually very few actaul network marketing scams around.

Whilst Network Marketing is widely acceptable in many parts of the world particularly in Canada and the USA (where it originated), in the UK it is received with far more scepticism and suspicion. In the UK we don't have the huge name success stories such as Tom Shreiter, Art Jonak and Randy Gage who give it more credibility.

More familiar UK companies that might surprise you to be using multi-level marketing (mlm) methods are Avon, Body Shop, Kleeneze, Ann Summers, Virgin Vie and Pampered Chef. These are all BIG companies in the UK and very well known so should immediately reassure you as to the credibility of Network Marketing as a whole.

Get Rich Quick Schemes

get rich quick

My own view of why Network Marketing still has such a bad press is down to the way it is sometimes portrayed as a get rich quick scheme.

Many people join a network marketing company with huge promises of success and wealth. However, in reality, over 97% of people joining a network marketing company fail and this does not materialise.

If so many people fail, surely it must be a scam? I hear you ask.

Network Marketing is an industry that is creating more wealth than any other industry around and is seeing incredible growth even in the current financial climate.

It can provide millions of individuals like you and me with the opportunity to work around our lifestyle and personal circumstances.

Network Marketing can also provide an opportunity to build a residual income over time as your business grows. This means that you continue to get paid for work you did in the past and are not restricted to earning only on the time you personally invest into your business. This is particularly important given the state of some of the pension schemes around!

However, let me warn you now, the reason that so many people fail in Network Marketing is because it is not easy or a get rich quick scheme!

I do believe that some people are miss sold the opportunity and are led to believe that by wearing a badge or speaking to their friends and family, they will be able to give up work and retire.

It Takes Hard Work

With consistent effort the network marketing model can bring the average person success but it takes 2 to 4 years of consistent effort. Working 7 to 10 hours a week you can double or even triple your income inside two years but only if you don’t give up.

If you are not prepared to work hard, then this is not the business for you!

One of the major benefits of this business is you can have unlimited income potential with the prospect of complete financial independence from the Rat Race as we know it.

In order to succeed in this business, you need to know how to work smart and some really good generic Network Marketing Training is something that you should consider before signing up to anything as it will help you avoid Multi Level Marketing Scams.

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