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Network Marketing Advertising is a tricky area for network marketers trying to recruit people into a network marketing or mlm business. Placing Network Marketing Ads is problematic as most network marketing companies apply restrictions on what you are able to say with many of them not even allowing you to mention the company name.

If you are not able to advertise your opportunity in a way that attracts genuine interest, how do you go about promoting your network marketing, mlm business?

Finding enough people to talk to is the number one problem I encounter in my consultations with people in network marketing and people resort to all sorts just to find people who might be remotely interested in their business.

Before you consider resorting to paying good money to place network marketing ads STOP! One of the first things that I did when I was keen starting out and very green was to start placing pay per click ads. It cost me a fortune, got me nowhere and I ended up demoralised and wondering how on earth anyone made this business work without going broke!

I learnt the hard way that no matter how you do it, Network marketing adverts aren’t cost effective! You will spend good money placing ads that you have no idea will work. Most advertising doesn’t work, and even if you do get a response, when you are starting out, how are you going to deal with the call you get?

Most network marketing ads won’t give the reader a real idea of what you are offering and someone responding to your ad may have absolutely no idea what is involved. The likelihood is that as soon as you get past your second sentence they will lose interest and you will get nowhere.

The Alternative to Network Marketing Advertising

Fortunately for me, I discovered one of the modern network marketers secrets; there are many, many ways of attracting people into your business without resorting to paying for advertising. That's right, free methods that work!

The approach I recommend you take is completely different to the traditional advert promising the earth and delivering nothing. Using that model of network marketing you are highly likely to fail unless you are incredibly resiliant and thick skinned!

In order to make network marketing online work, you will need to get into a completely different mindset. Instead of putting your solution in front of people that you have no idea are interested in your product or a business opportunity, use the power of the internet to target your focus. People use the internet to search for solutions so they are looking for information not adverts. You need to start getting into the head of your likely customers to think about what problems they are looking to resolve and how your products or opportunity can solve them.

For those of you who have been used to doing things the traditional way, this can be quite a mindset shift. However, it does work!

Before you place any adverts, take a look at this FREE report by Ann Sieg – The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto to learn a little more.

In this report Ann explains why traditional methods don't work and will make you think about how you position yourself in your business. She shares a number of different methods of bringing in leads to your business without having to place ads.

Below is a screenshot from the report from which you can get an idea of the huge array of different methods of advertising available to you.

If you can't read the text on the image, download the report and find out more about how you can attract business without advertising.

network marketing ads

Ann Sieg Interviews Mike Klingler

Need more persuasion that advertising is not the way to go?

This video gives a valuable insight into attraction marketing methods and has a host of tips about starting to attract customers to you. I am on Ann sieg's team and have a huge amount of respect for her. Mike Klingler is a phenomenal trainer with amazing knowledge of attraction marketing techniques. He has show hundreds of Internet Marketers how to be successful in Network Marketing.

Mike started off using Ann Sieg's Renegade System as the basis for training his own team and gradually developed an amazing training site which saw incredible success stories throughout the Network Marketing world. Once it came to Ann's attention what success people following Mike's training were having, she just had to find out what he was doing!

This video will give you an insight into just what you can achieve following these methods, Mike and Ann's training and having a coach like me who is going through the training system.

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Ann Sieg's Original Free Ebook

Don't miss these valuable insights into why traditional methods of network marketing don't work for 97% of people.

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