The 90 Day Marketer

Network Marketing Training for Overwhelmed Renegades

The 90-Day Marketer

So you've bought The Renegade System, you are excited and ready to get started and are all ready to take your network marketing business online.

Suddenly you realise that you just don't know what the next step is. Overwhelm kicks in big time. Maybe you are doubting that Network Marketing as a home business is really for you? Perhaps you are wondering if you will ever be able to understand all you will need to know to make a success of your business? Perhaps you feel uncertain and don't have anyone to bounce ideas off.

More likely, like me when I started out, you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do next in nice easy steps?

Enter The 90 Day Marketer!

McKay Earl is one of Ann Sieg's team and created The 90-Day Marketer to help those in his own downline get to grips with The Renegade System and become more successful in their network marketing business.

He discovered very early on the missing ingredient to Renegade and network marketing success. Actually it was two things:

People are . . .

1) VISUAL Learners

AND they desperately need . . .

2) A path to follow

I completely agree with Earl's diagnosis and in my humble opinion, The 90 Day Marketer is one of the best explanations of how to integrate Ann Sieg's Renegade System into your marketing pipeline so that you can generate leads for your business whilst spending very little! What's more he explains this visually and following a tried and tested path!

If you are anything like the people I speak to in my consultations with network marketers who are looking to take their business online, the biggest challenges you face are:

  • lack of money to invest in marketing, particularly when online methods are so confusing
  • lack of prospects to talk to about your business opportunity

The 90 Day Marketer is a phenomenal training system that effectively takes you by the hand and shows you step by step what to do and more importantly, how to do it! As network marketing training goes, this is truly comprehensive.

Earl answers both of the issues above with ease showing you how to use free methods online to generate leads at the same time as generating an income from those leads using the affiliate programmes in the back end of The Renegade System.

What Will I Learn from The 90 Day Marketer?

The 90 Day Marketer is a logical sequence of lessons taking you through all you need to set up your marketing pipeline. Each lesson is accompanied by both written and video instruction so there is no excuse not to understand what is being described. Most people find it easiest to watch someone else show them what to do whilst taking notes or following along on their own computer.

I have listed some of the lesson titles here so that you can get an idea of what is covered:

  1. Getting the Big Picture
  2. Setting up Your Business Office
  3. Promote Yourself First
  4. Your Starter Site
  5. The Power of Automation
  6. Your Marketing Plan
  7. Stress Free Selling
  8. Leading a Consultative Interview
  9. Coaching and Team Building

...and much, much more...

Click here for The 90-Day Marketer Demo Site. This will show you the quality of the lessons you will receive before you buy.

It doesn't stop there though as Earl gives you a full 90 day money back guarantee - not that I imagine that anyone who follows the training would want this as not only does it work, you get an all in one affiliate and training site.

In addition, you will also have access to my support and coaching so if you find that you get stuck, there is a real person at the end of the phone or email.

In truly understanding this and incorporating this model into your marketing, you will have a training system that allows anyone that joins you in your downline to duplicate your efforts - essential for long term residual income.

Still unsure if The 90 Day Marketer is for You?

Renegade Video Training

I have personally followed much of Earl's training and love the clarity that he uses to explain things. However, if you are going to sign up to network marketing training, you need to be committed to follow through with it.

Knowing whether it is right for you before you pay out money is critical for some. If that is you, not only do you have a 90 day money back guarantee, you can test drive some of Earl's lessons before you buy.

Click here for your 10 free video lessons using Earl's clear explanation. Or click on the video to the right.

Get 10 weeks' of FREE Network Marketing Instruction from me, one of Ann Sieg's own Network Marketing Team. Fill out this form to start receiving this valuable information immediately.

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