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Ann Sieg

In what is called “the back end” of The Renegade System, there is an extraordinary website complete with affiliate system of over 30 great products that all network marketers need to run their business. It is also packed full of training, resources for advertising, opportunities to make money and a whole lot more.

It even has my favourite tool SiteBuildIt which enables me to generate my own leads using this website.

If you would like a sneak peek at the “back end” of this incredible system, take a look at this video of the guided tour normally reserved only for people who buy The Renegade System

Whatever your business, you can duplicate Ann’s exact system and begin to draw in your own warm leads. Advertise the free ebook as an appetiser, Ann’s own marketing system takes over to encourage your leads to purchase the Renegade System itself after which they become your lead to do with as you wish. Just imagine having people to call that are interested in what you have to say?

What’s more, for everyone who purchases the ebook, you get paid 50% commission. Not big bucks but where else do you get leads that pay you to speak to them? At least you get to cover your advertising costs!

Now, it isn’t as simple as just pouncing on everyone that buys the book, Ann also teaches you step by step how to go about developing a relationship with people and putting yourself in a position of authority so that they want to talk to you and are keen to join your team.

Ann Sieg’s Team of Renegade Network Marketers

Ann is an incredible woman who knows all about the difficulties that everyone in network marketing faces at one time or another. As a work at home mum she knows only too well the hard work it is to keep all of the plates in the air at the same time.

Fortunately for me (and you if you are reading this), the fact that I happened to stumble across Ann’s own advertising for her ebook gave me a huge advantage; I was able to join her Renegade Marketing Team.

Renegade Team logo

Ann created The Renegade Network Marketer in order to build and develop her own Network Marketing Team. She had learnt the 7 great lies the hard way and determined to create an environment that meant she could break free from the old methods of Network Marketing.

She didn’t want to work in an environment where teams didn’t co-operate with each other due to the scarcity of leads and aimed to create an environment where everyone could succeed and share in their success ensuring the success of all team members.

Amazingly Ann managed to do this by giving all of her team members access to The Renegade Network Marketer.

So how does this work in practice?

Ann provides superb training for all of her team and encourages people to become independent leaders. One of the fantastic things that Ann introduced for her team members towards the end of 2008 was a lead generation tool. This is a fantastic tool that enables her team to easily generate their own highly targetted leads without having to speak to anyone on their warm list!

These leads are so highly targetted that it makes it easy for anyone starting out to quickly start to generate a cash flow and learn from a huge team of entrepreneurs.

Ann doesn’t advertise her opportunity or her team. The only way to join is by downloading her ebook and asking for a consultation with someone on her team. (Like me!) You won’t understand everything in The Renegade System at first but Ann’s team is a great team. There are training resources, videos, team calls and more. In addition, it is the only team I know of that has fantastic cross team co-operation that benefits everyone and means everyone can succeed.

Contact me to find out more or download The Renegade Network Marketer and The Renegade System here.

Need more help with The Renegade System?

Whether you are brand new to network marketing or a seasoned veteran, you will find The Renegade System to be an excellent resource to you as you incorporate it into your current marketing efforts.

Mike Klingler loved Ann's ebook and system so much that he used it with his own team and developed The Renegade University around the book.

This is brilliant step by step FREE training programme to help people get the most from the system and see how to incorporate it into their business. I strongly urge you to take a look at the training as it explains comprehensively just how to kick start your business and begin to generate your own leads using free resources on the Internet.

What's more, you don't have to be an expert on computers to make use of this training as Mike specifically designed it for the technilogically challenged!

McKay Earl, one of Ann's own team also developed some wonderful training on The Renegade System. Take a look at these free videos as a starting point.

Renegade Video Training

Get 10 weeks' of FREE Network Marketing Instruction from me, one of Ann Sieg's own Network Marketing Team. Fill out this form to start receiving this valuable information immediately.

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