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Finding a Network Marketing Affiliate Program that aligns perfectly with your business is the holy grail of both network marketing and affiliate marketing.

When you take your network marketing business online, you have the perfect opportunity to bring people into your network marketing business whilst earning an income through network marketing affiliates if they don't join you.

There are actually a whole host of affiliate programs that align with any online business not just network marketing. When I started out, this was a whole new concept for me and I was amazed to find that I could earn money just by recommending products to people that they already needed!

Don't think that there is something underhand about this though. Affiliate programs benefit because they don't need to advertise their services heavily if they set up an affiliate program to do it for them. Effectively, they pay you a commission instead of ploughing the money into advertising regardless of the business it brings.

Once they have to pay an affiliate who has referred a sale, they actually know that they have a customer so there is no risk for them...

The Network marketing model itself is a wonderful business model for a home business. Combine it with an Affiliate Program specifically designed around the needs of Network Marketers and you could say you have the perfect recipe for success.

As I have already said, there are many, many affiliate programs that you can find to link into the needs of your customers. You can join any number of programs and promote them independently but this takes a great deal of time and research.

Fortunately, a great deal of the hard work has been done for you....

The Renegade Network Marketer Affiliate System

Finding this particular network marketing affiliate program was one of the luckiest finds for me and for you if you have stumbled across this page.

Now that might sound a bit of an exaggeration but actually I truly believe that you need to align your products and marketing with what people need to use to run their online business effectively.

If you are generating leads to ultimately bring people into a network marketing business, having an affiliate program that is aligned with their needs is the perfect solution.

Anyone looking to build a network marketing business on the Internet will need a variety of tools and resources so having a purpose built program which pulls everything together in one place would really be the perfect solution.

Amazingly, this is exactly what Ann Sieg has created and made available for you through The Renegade Network Marketer Affiliate System.

network marketing affiliate program

Not only has she created some amazing free reports that you are able to use to generate free network marketing leads for your business, she has teamed up with an incredible network marketing training program that shows you exactly how to use them to generate leads for your business.

Starting Affiliate Marketing

If you are new to online network marketing, as you start out there will be a number of things that you need to consider.

If you are already network marketing online, consider a beginner just starting out. There are a number of things that people will need:

1. You will need some Network Marketing Training to learn how everything fits together. A step by step guide to follow reduces overwhelm and allows you to tackle one task at a time. This approach shows you how to begin creating educational content that draws leads to you.

2. As you progress through your training, you will need a number of tools. Very soon you will need to set up a lead capture page such as this page I created for my own network marketing training.

An Auto Responder such as Oprius used in the example, allows you to capture lead information instantaneously and put your marketing and follow up on autopilot.

Enter the first essential products in your network marketing affiliate program. Recommended autoresponders; Oprius or AWeber

3. Next you should consider buying some domain names; GoDaddy is a highly reputable company to purchase domain names from and is of course another affiliate product. I always recommend that the people I work with buy their own name as a domain name as well as something that they can use to direct their affiliate marketing efforts towards. I use and for some of my marketing efforts but I also have many other domain names registered.

4. Most Network Marketers working online like to create a website to either generate leads or to drive product sales. The next network marketing affiliate program to recommend via The Renegade System is the one that I used to create this site. Read more about SBI Websites and Network Marketing Websites to find out why this is not only a great affiliate program but a system that works.

Whilst I have only covered a few of the products that you need to market your business online, as you can see, every step of the way as someone needs a product to advance their marketing, The Renegade System provides the perfect solution and of course you may benefit from an affiliate sale if they choose to use the product recommended within the system.

Affiliate Marketing Support

This is truly the complete package. Additionally, you are not left to flounder alone when you purchase this network marketing affiliate program.

First there is training in the form of many video tutorials on how to set up your affiliate links inside Renegade University. (See step 2)

Next, you get my series of emails to help you to get the most out of the system in setting up your marketing pipeline. Just fill out the form on the right for instant access to this valuable step by step instruction.

If you still need help after watching your videos and receiving my emails you will also have access to me as your coach. For purchasing this amazing network marketing affiliate program from my site you receive a complimentary consultation with me. Just opt-in to my training and drop me an email or contact me using any of the methods on my contact me page.

Network Marketing Prospecting

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